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Your Trusted Framing Partners

We have worked with some of the finest artists in both rural and urban India and provided them with the best consultation, pricing and support in enhancing their artworks. 

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Consultation & Art Reproduction

We provide you with a dedicated account manager who provides you one-to-one consultation on framing, marketing and reproducing prints of your artworks.  

Wholesale Pricing

As one of India's largest importers, we can offer you wholesale pricing for framing your artworks with complimentary shipping.  

Highest Quality

Using wooden and metal mouldings, conservation mat boards and glazing options, we offer you the highest quality framing which will protect your artwork for years to come.

Get Started

Thank you. We will contact you within 24 hours.


"It has always been fantastic working with Ashish and his team. They have a perfect blend of knowledge and expertise in art and framing. The attention to detail in every job makes them my preferred framers."

—  M.F. Husain 

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