Custom made from pure Spanish wood, this exclusive mirror frame comes in standard mirror sizes as well as custom sizes. Just e-mail us on and we will perfect it to your order. Please note that every mirror is custom made in our factory.  


Ships within 24 - 48 hours

Seville Wooden Mirror Frame

  • Brand: ARA Frames

    Material: Pure Wood & Glass Mirror

    Moulding Face: 3.75 inches

    Glass Company: Modi Guard 4mm

    Inclusion: Wooden Mirror with Hooks for Wall Mounting

    • Every mirror is custom made as per your specifications in our factory.

    • Mirrors cannot be returned. These are orders by which you choose the frame, size and colour. 
    • Every mirror is appropriately packaged for domestic surface shipping.If your item is damaged in shipping, kindly contact our support center. We promise to make things perfect!